At 15, Rivers says he wants to be a professional musician. He also says he is in constant conflict with his parents because he doesn’t feel like they should make him go to school. “It just doesn’t feel fair to me ‘cause that’s like, my choice. I just feel like it’s not going to help me in my life.”


Angie and Hunter say they’ve stopped trying to force their chronically truant son to go to school because he has “no fear of authority.” They claim Rivers disrespects them, calls them names, and attacks them physically.

“When it comes to getting mad – if something happens I just let it all out,” explains Rivers. “I just explode on them. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I know it just all builds up from the week.”

How does Rivers respond when Dr. Phil asks him if he thinks he manages people by intimidation?

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‘There’s Nothing That I Want To Do That School Will Do For Me,’ Claims 15-Year-Old