Before visiting Dr. Phil in 2016, Barbara Ann said she was at the end of her rope with her 13-year-old daughter, Danielle, who she described as “out of control.” Barbara Ann claimed Danielle stole money and cars, was a multiple-time runaway, had adopted a “streetwise” persona, and was physically aggressive.

“I’m pretty violent,” said Danielle at the time. “I mushed her in the face because she wouldn’t get out of my face.”

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Following their appearance on Dr. Phil, Danielle was accepted to Turn-About Ranch, a residential program in Utah, specializing in modeling and shaping honesty, accountability, responsibility, teamwork and leadership in troubled teens.

“Here you have expectations,” Danielle says in the video above. “If you say something, you’re gonna get in trouble right on – you’re not gonna have chances.”

Danielle spent four-and-a-half months at the facility, where she was given the big responsibility of caring for a little horse named Chief. “I guess it’s ‘cause he’s little, and he thinks he runs stuff,” says the teen.

Later she says, “I just feel OK with who I am now. I don’t have to put on a front to impress anyone.”

Both staffers at the ranch and Danielle’s family say they were proud of the progress she made while she was there. “Dani went from being this little ‘tough girl’ - to being just a normal kid. A lot of people didn’t think she could do it – and she proved them all wrong,” says Barbara Ann.

Has Danielle been able to maintain her new attitude and better behaviors since returning home?

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Mom Said She Was ‘Out Of Control’ Before Dr. Phil. How Is Danielle Doing Today?