When Kaleigh was 6 and her brother, Aidan, was 3, their father died by suicide. Their mother, Abby, says she wanted to “spare them from the actual way in which it happened,” so she didn’t tell them it was suicide until three or four years ago.
“About a year ago, my brother was looking for something and he found my dad’s death certificate,” Kaleigh says. “He committed suicide by lighting himself on fire. And it shook me up a little bit, but it definitely shook Aidan up.”

Kaleigh says when they learned the details of their father’s death, it “messed” with her head. “Why wasn’t I good enough for him. Why weren’t we enough for him? It’s just terrible,” she says. “I was sad for a little bit, but now, I’m just, I don’t even like thinking of him or looking at pictures because I just get so angry because it’s just so selfish to me.”
Hear more from the siblings and their mother in the video above.
Now, Abby and Kaleigh say 17-year-old Aidan smokes pot, steals from family, and has had physical fights with Abby. What does Aidan say about his behavior? Does he think he needs to change? See what happens on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "From Honor Roll to Wannabe Gangster.” Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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