Jason says that growing up in a wealthy family, he enjoyed “the high life,” and money was no object. But his mother, Patty, says she cut Jason off two years ago after she claims she discovered he was using the money to buy steroids.

WATCH Woman Claims Her Adult Son Is ‘An Out-Of-Control Monster’

Now Jason, 43, claims that Patty is destroying his life. Jason claims his mother sided against him during his divorce in 2014, and now he wants nothing more to do with her.

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“I’m done with this woman. I hate her,” says Jason, claiming that Patty is “vindictive, manipulative, evil and corrupt.”

Patty says she fears for her grandchildren claiming that there’s violence in Jason’s home, which he emphatically denies. He says he’s seeking a restraining order against his mother to keep her away from him and his daughters.

“I just want her dead,” he says in the video above.

Why does Jason claim that Patty is a danger to his children?

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