Carina says she’s mad at God for the deaths of her oldest sons, Nathan and Austin, who were murdered just over three years ago while camping. Her ex-husband, Tom, his girlfriend, Hannah, her son, Kade and Hannah’s father, Curtis, were also killed “I just want them to come home,” says Carina of her sons, adding, “It’s time now.”

WATCH Dr. Phil To Mother Of Murdered Sons: ‘This Has Gone Beyond Grief To The Point Of Depression’

“But they’re not coming home. They’ve gone home,” responds Dr. Phil.

Carina’s younger sons, Quinton and Roland, claim that she drinks too much. They also say that when she drinks, she lashes out – usually making them the target of her rage.

Carina admits she drinks alcohol daily as a way to numb her pain.

When Dr. Phil refers Carina to Onsite so that she can address what he refers to as her “broken coping mechanism,” does she agree to go?

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