Walter says he refuses to tip restaurant servers, hairdressers, or anyone else. He says he thinks America’s tipping system should be abolished, so he never leaves a gratuity under any circumstances - ever. He says he doesn’t blame tipped employees – he blames their employers for not paying them enough.

“I just want to pay my bills,” says Theresa, a restaurant server in Dallas. “It does kind of suck that it falls to the consumer to help me do that, but this is the system we live in.”

Walter says that while he can afford to tip, he doesn’t want to participate in a system that he claims is corrupt and that he wants to see it completely eliminated. He says he won’t stop dining out – but tipping is out of the question.

When Theresa says, “You’re funding the restaurant industry. You’re not hurting them at all – you’re only hurting me,” how does Walter respond?

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Tipped Off! Is the Customer Always Right?” airs Monday.

And later, Dr. Phil talks to two guests who say that modern tipping culture has become far too aggressive.

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WATCH: Man Says He Never Tips Under Any Circumstances – Ever

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