Jodi says after her husband died five years ago, she became depressed and allowed her then 14-year-old daughter, Ariana, to take over a large part of raising her younger children, while she stayed in her room, or went out and did whatever she wanted to do.

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Now 19 and a college freshman, Ariana says she’s constantly worried about her family. She says instead of enjoying college life, she’s still looking after her little brothers, both of whom have severe behavioral issues, and that leaves her feeling overwhelmed.

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“It’s not working, but I keep doing it because it’s all I know,” she says, noting that she doesn’t want to tell Jodi how she feels, “Because I don’t want her to hate me or stop loving me.”

“I do put a lot of pressure on her, but she is my only immediate support toward helping with the boys,” says Jodi.

Does Jodi say she regrets making Ariana step up to care for her brothers?

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