Timothy Hoffman says a day after his daughter, Cynthia, disappeared in June 2019, her body was found in a river with her legs tied with duct tape.

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“When she didn’t come home all night, I knew something happened wrong in my heart,” Timothy tells Dr. Phil in an exclusive interview airing Friday. “I knew that I programmed my children so much, that she would have answered my calls.”

Timothy says 19-year-old Cynthia had a slight disability and was eager to have friends. He says that when she told him she had become best friends with Denali Brehmer, he trusted his daughter’s judgment.

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Police claim Denali, reportedly one of the people Cynthia trusted most in the world, lured her into the Alaskan woods, and it was there where Cynthia was tied up and shot to death. Authorities allege that Brehmer had been chatting online with a man who she thought was a handsome young millionaire named Tyler. But they claim Brehmer was unknowingly chatting with an alleged child predator. He allegedly promised to pay Denali $9 million if she murdered someone and videotaped it for him.
In the video above, Timothy describes how he learned his daughter had been killed. And on Friday’s episode, learn what authorities claim happened when Cynthia went into the woods with people who she thought were her friends. Check here to see where you can watch.