Karla claims she’s married to actor/director and philanthropist, Tyler Perry, who she claims she met online via his “official” Facebook page several years ago.

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Karla’s daughters, Kourtney and Kelly, claim their mother has been victimized by a catfish posing as the entertainer.

The sisters say that Karla first fell prey to the scammer when she was most vulnerable, following her divorce from their father. They claim that not only is Karla convinced she’s married to Perry, but that the person or persons posing as the movie star have conned her out of nearly $100,000 over the past three years.

In the conclusion of a two-part episode airing Friday, Dr. Phil tells Karla, “Tyler Perry doesn't need your money.”

“I know he doesn't need my money, he made that very clear to me that he didn't need my money,” Karla replies.

“But he took it,” says Dr. Phil.

When he asks Karla to help protect herself from future scams by appointing a co-signer for financial matters, she says she’ll do it, and asks Dr. Phil to tell Perry something for her.

What does Karla say she wants the filmmaker to know?

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