Lauren was just two years old when her mother and stepfather confined her to a tiny closet and began abusing her physically and psychologically.

The torture Lauren endured lasted until she was eight years old. That’s when a neighbor alerted authorities, and she was rescued. But even 16 years after her liberation from that closet, she says she suffers from flashbacks and struggles to cope with daily life.

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Lauren’s girlfriend, Janae, says she lives with the aftermath of the pain and suffering that Lauren endured during her years of abuse.

“Lauren’s flashbacks are really hard on her and really hard on me. I know she’s having a flashback because she stops right in her tracks,” says Janae in the video above.

She reveals that Lauren was diagnosed with cerebral dysrhythmia. “It means that when she’s having a flashback, her brain tries to stop it, it causes her to lay in bed all day with the room completely blacked out.”

Janae claims Lauren “becomes a different person” when she drinks, and once grabbed the steering wheel one night when she was driving. “She reaches over and jerks the steering wheel to where I almost went over a median and flipped the car. That was the final straw. I just don't want Lauren to die, that is my worst fear.”

Lauren admits she struggles with alcohol addiction, has vivid flashbacks of the abuse she suffered in childhood and has attempted suicide – multiple times.

Why does Janae say she has to baby-proof the house every night? Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.

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'I Literally Have To Baby Proof The House,' Says Woman Whose Girlfriend Has Violent Flashbacks Of Childhood Abuse