“Everybody has a different way of coping with things. Some people withdraw, some people cope a lot, some people develop nervous ticks … Some people create fantasy worlds,” begins Dr. Phil, preparing to tell Suzanne he’s aware she doesn’t have a twin.

“I know that you don’t have a twin sister, I just don’t know why you invented a twin sister.”

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Suzanne has been claiming her “identical twin,” Michelle, died in July 2016 after battling ovarian cancer. She has also said that she’s the executor of Michelle’s estate. Michelle’s online friend, Ryan, says he believed Suzanne would give him a ring and an expensive car her “sister” left him in her will.

But Michelle isn’t dead - and Suzanne isn’t her twin. They’re one and the same.

Why would Suzanne - who petitioned to have her name legally changed from Michelle make up both a twin sister and that sister’s tragic death?

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