Rebecca claims her boyfriend, Dominick, has angry outbursts, is verbally abusive, and has hit her in the past. She says she sometimes feels afraid of him, but also says that Dominick is the love of her life.

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Dominick admits that he has rage issues and that he has been abusive toward Rebecca.

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“I know when I’m going to get angry, I just don’t know how to suppress it to calm myself down,” he says, noting, “I hate that side of me.”

Dominick claims that he was diagnosed with a brain injury and that lesions on his brain, along with verbal abuse at home, are the reason for his angry outbursts.

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To learn more about the cycle of violence, visit When Georgia Smiled and click on the Aspire Curriculum, a free, online education initiative aimed at reducing domestic violence, instilling the importance of bystander responsibility, and offering strategies and practical solutions for a safe exit.

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The Cycle Of Violence Explained

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