Billy says that he started going through his wife, Jennifer’s, phone after a friend messaged him nearly a year-and-a-half ago alleging that Jennifer had “infidelity issues.”

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Jennifer claims since then, every phone, computer and online account they have has been hacked.

Billy says he believes Jennifer is the one doing the hacking, which Jennifer adamantly denies.

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“Billy didn’t know I lied to him to save our marriage,” says Jennifer, claiming she made a false confession to her husband after he threatened to divorce her. Eventually, she says, she took it back.

Billy claims Jennifer made several confessions.

Jennifer says she hired a private investigator to get to the truth of who has been hacking their family. What was the investigator’s conclusion?

Plus, how does Jennifer explain having multiple email accounts to her name?

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What A Private Investigator Concluded About Guest’s Allegedly Hacked Phone