Tom says he and his wife, Karen, have lost control of their 15-year-old daughter, Madison. “She drinks, smokes weed, does Xanax - just recently LSD - and now she’s corrupting our 13-year-old,” says the retired military officer.

“Together they terrorize the family,” says Karen.

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Tom and Karen claim the police have been called (at least) 100 times on their daughter, and that Madison has been charged four times with domestic abuse for physically attacking Tom. In addition, they allege that Madison has stolen Karen’s car at least 30 times.

Tom says Madison’s most recent infraction was a car crash that happened during a high-speed chase following an incident involving drugs and a gun.

On another occasion, Tom claims Madison and her 13-year-old sibling, Liz, had their nine-year-old sister in between them, pulling her arms in different directions.“I told them to drop her arms. Madison became combative, swinging at me, kicking at me, and then my 13-year-old starts punching me in the back of the head. We called the police and both girls were charged with domestic battery.”

“A lot of the out of control behavior started after they saw the movie, The Purge," says Karen.

“For 24 hours it’s legal to kill anyone that you want,” says Tom, describing the premise of the science fiction thriller.

Karen claims she and Tom were at the top of Madison’s “purge list.” Tom says he believes Madison could one day kill him. “I live in constant fear for myself, my wife – and for my youngest daughter,” says Tom.

Madison says she doesn’t have a kill list. She admits to smoking “weed,” dropping acid and getting into a car accident but denies being a corrupting influence on her younger sister. She claims she’s “just a fun-loving teen” who’s misunderstood by her parents.

The couple says they’ve lost complete control of their teenagers. Can Dr. Phil help?

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