Jeff says he is convinced his wife, Audrey, is a sex addict who has been unfaithful to him with hundreds of men throughout most of their 20-year marriage and claims he can prove it.

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Audrey vehemently denies the accusation. She claims Jeff is “delusional,” and says that with his constant name-calling and interrogation of her, their marriage has become “emotionally abusive.”

WATCH Why A Woman Accused Of Being A Serial Cheater Claims Her Husband Is ‘Delusional’

“I live in constant fear of upsetting him. He’s like ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,’” she adds, claiming that Jeff has, on occasion, threatened her life. “It’s just a threat, but it puts that thought in my head that he could potentially kill me,” she says.

Jeff says he doesn’t defend his actions. “When it does happen,” he says, “it is when I’m beside myself, distressed. It is like I am out of control.”

Audrey’s daughter, Carly, says Jeff has always been a good stepfather to her, and a wonderful husband to her mom, “When he’s not accusing her of cheating.”

What does Carly say she thinks her mother should do if Jeff doesn’t stop making accusations?

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