Brittanie admits that she’s a heroin addict. The 24-year-old has detoxed numerous times but has never remained clean. Her identical twin sister, McKenzie, who has been sober for almost four years, and her fiancé, Chad, say that unless Brittanie stops using, she is not allowed at their upcoming wedding.

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“I need everybody to realize that I need a reason to be clean,” Brittanie tells McKenzie and Chad on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil. “To kick me out of your lives, and then do it for what? I think we’re being a little harsh on everything I’ve been through and everything I’ve done.”

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“We can’t give you a reason to want to live; you have to find that for yourself,” McKenzie tells her sister.

Watch more of their conversation in the video above. And, how does Brittanie respond when Dr. Phil questions her about her behavior? On Thursday, hear Dr. Phil’s advice for both young women. Check here to see where you can watch.

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