Stephanie says she’s sick and tired of her mom, Jode, and her sister, Ryann’s, unfounded and ridiculous accusations against her, and she’s coming on Dr. Phil to get vindication.

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“I get constant ridicule and constant judgment, and I’m tired of it,” Stephanie says. “I need my mother and my sister to shut up, stop talking and listen to me.”

Stephanie says her mother and sister accuse her of being a drug addict, but she says she only self-medicates with prescription medication. She also claims her mom and her sister are trying to take her children away from her.

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“My mother and my sister, Ryann, are jealous of me. I’m 110 pounds, I’m attractive, and I’m judged by that,” she says. “My mother and my sister are sad about their own lives, so they use me as a way to deflect from that, and it’s irritating.”

On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Ryann and Jode and why they claim Stephanie’s destructive behavior is a danger to herself and her children. Check here to see where you can watch.

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