Jacob, his wife, Krysti, and their infant son, Liam, live with Jacob’s parents and his sister, Ashleigh.

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Krysti claims her sister-in-law is “manipulative,” “attention-seeking,” and “on drugs.” She says she doesn’t feel Liam is safe around Ashleigh and has also accused her sister-in-law of plotting to steal the baby.

“I never had any plan or intentions to kidnap my nephew,” says Ashleigh, in the video above. She says she bought things for the baby, including an extra car seat, and gave them to Krysti.

Jacob says Krysti is being unfair, and her opinion of Ashleigh is extreme. “I understand Krysti’s point of view because Ashleigh has acted mentally unstable,” says Jacob. “I also know that Krysti does exaggerate.”

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Kristi says she wants Jacob’s parents to kick Ashleigh out of the house, or she will move and take Liam with her.

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Jacob tells Dr. Phil he thinks Krysti is “pushing too much.”

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Can Krysti and Ashleigh resolve their differences, or will one of these sisters-in-law end up displaced from the family home? Tune in to Dr. Phil on Monday to see if he can help these women find a peaceable resolution to their feud.

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