Sherry says she met David on social media in 2017 and married him in Abuja, Nigeria, two years ago. Since then, she claims, she has spent thousands of dollars on visa applications and living expenses for David while waiting for him to join her in the U.S.

“David is a real person,” she says, “but has he been honest with me?”

Two years after her wedding, Sherry says David’s latest visa turned out to be a fake, and now all she has is a pile of excuses and a strong suspicion that he may be scamming her. David denies that he is scamming Sherry and insists that their marriage is legitimate.

“I question my relationship – my marriage,” says Sherry, claiming that she’s sent David around $10,000 since they met.

Sherry says she needs to know whether David’s intentions are true and if their marriage is real. Can Dr. Phil help her uncover the truth?

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