Jason and Brooke say they invited Sarah, who was homeless when they met her, to stay with them and their seven children after knowing her for about four months. Then, claims Brooke, Sarah began criticizing their parenting, and ultimately betrayed them when she turned them in to DCS (Department of Child Services), alleging neglect and sexual abuse in their home. The couple, who vehemently denies her allegations, say they were cleared of any wrongdoing.

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“Sarah says she believes she did the right thing by calling the Department of Child Services on us, but she is dead wrong,” claims Brooke. She says Sarah owes them an apology.

But Sarah who is a self-proclaimed recovering addict says she has no regrets, claiming “The children in the home often skip meals. Nobody watches them, and they play on their electronics all day long.”

Sarah also claims that most of Jason and Brooke’s seven adopted children suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome and mental health issues. She claims she was also concerned their 5-year-old daughter was sexually abused by one of the older children, which the couple adamantly denies.

“I recognize child abuse because I was abused when I was little,” claims Sarah. “I had no choice but to contact Child Services.” Why is she also claiming that Jason and Brooke neglected her while she lived in their home?

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TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Being falsely accused of something?

Couple Says They Were Falsely Accused Of Child Neglect And Emotional Abuse