“I never had second thoughts or guilt after my first time with Amanda,” says Jim; recounting how he sexually molested his biological daughter for two years.

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In the video above, Jim says he and his (then) wife, Justine, were already in the porn industry when he began grooming Amanda to join them. Jim claims he wasn’t attracted to her though, and only had sex with her for the camera. “I didn’t see her as my daughter. I saw her as a person playing a role.”

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Amanda says she was forced to have sex with both her parents; and the abuse didn’t end until they were arrested when she was 13.

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During part one of this engrossing two-part Dr. Phil, Amanda confronted Justine about the role she played in the abuse. Now, it’s her father’s turn. Tune in to Dr. Phil on Thursday when Jim and Amanda come face-to-face for the first time since he was sent to prison.

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