Tarek says he wants Dr. Phil’s help to clear his name after losing his license to practice massage therapy after multiple paying clients made allegations accusing him of sexual misconduct on the job. Two of Tarek’s accusers claim that during their massages, Tarek’s private parts came into contact with them, which he vehemently denies.

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Tarek insists that he has been falsely accused and claims it’s all been a big “misunderstanding” on the part of his accusers. He also strongly refutes claims that he attempted to intimidate another client after she left a negative review of his business online.

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“You can’t hide your body language. I see nothing but deception,” claims author and former army interrogator Greg Hartley, one of four body language and deception experts who have been observing Tarek on stage.

Body language expert, trainer, & professional speaker, Scott Rouse, bestselling author, behavior expert and 20-year US Navy leader, Mark Bowden, and Chase Hughes, behavior expert and best-selling author of “Phrase Seven” round out the panel.

Watch the video above to hear how each analyzes Tarek’s behavior and body language, and later, find out the results of the polygraph test Tarek requested to take prior to appearing on Dr. Phil.

The conclusion of this two-part episode, "'A Masseur Facing Allegations of Sexual Assault: Polygraph Results Revealed!'," airs Tuesday. Check local listings to find out where you can watch.

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