Darbi says she’s grateful to be back with her family. The 16-year-old, who left home in October, says she spent a month on the streets in L.A., sleeping in a friend’s car or on the beach. .

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On Thursday’s episode, Darbi says she made a little money booking appointments for massages in a yoga studio, but it wasn’t enough to live on. Darbi says she was thirsty until she found a bottle of water on the beach. “And then I started getting really desperate and I was hungry and I didn’t have anything to eat. And I was – like – I have this bag, and there’s a store – and I started stealing food, Dr. Phil.”

“It does really break my heart to know that she didn’t even have water – yet she still won’t call home and have us come and get her. And so it’s a reality check,” says Darbi’s mom, Janice.

Darbi says she left home because she felt her family situation had “gone wrong” and that she was being pulled between her parents, Janice and Wayne, who divorced several years ago.

The former couple has promised to put their differences aside in order to support their daughter.

“I’m absolutely committed to working on it,” says Janice.

“Anything that it takes to get Darbi help,” agrees Wayne.

Are they committed to keeping their promise? Tune in Tuesday to watch the conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil.

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