An Ohio judge is claiming she may have fallen victim to hypnotic manipulation at the hands of a former divorce attorney, Michael Fine. In a September 2016 plea deal, Fine pleaded guilty kidnapping and attempted kidnapping charges related to allegations that he used his skills in hypnosis to control six women - many of them clients - for his own sexual gratification. He was sentenced to serve 12 years in prison.

But Domestic Relations Judge Lisa Swenski isn’t accusing Fine of sexually assaulting her. She claims he attempted to manipulate cases she was adjudicating. “I think he was trying to unethically influence me by hypnotizing me,” says the arbiter.

In the video above, Judge Swenski claims Fine may have used hypnosis techniques to compel her to say and do things that she says were “so unlike me,” even in the presence of opposing counsel. She also reveals why she says she believes Fine knew she was vulnerable to hypnosis in the first place.

“Hypnoses is real. It happened to me. It happened to… other women. It was used 20 years ago and it’s still being used today,” says Judge Swenski.

“This case just gets stranger by the minute,” says Dr. Phil. Tune in on Thursday to watch the full episode as he talks with the judge and two other women who have come forward with allegations of hypnoses and sexual abuse since Fine was sentenced. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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