Mindy says she believes her mother, Karen, is being catfished by “Thomas,” who claims to be a successful oil rig engineer currently stuck in the Gulf of Mexico. She says she’s told her mother repeatedly that “Thomas” isn’t real, but Karen, who says she watches Dr. Phil every day and is “well aware of the catfishers out there,” refuses to believe her.

Karen admits she sent “Thomas,” who she has never met in person, $10,000. Mindy says this isn’t the first time her mother has been taken in by a would-be scammer.

“There’s been Daniels, Richard, a Robert, a Dennis … They’ve all been fake,” says Mindy. “I think she’s an easy target.”

Karen acknowledges that Mindy has “cracked the case” on about a dozen catfish in her past. Yet, despite being shown digitally altered images and other evidence that Mindy has shown her, Karen insists that Mindy hasn’t “cracked Thomas.”

Can Dr. Phil convince Karen that “Thomas” isn’t who he claims to be? Find out in the conclusion of this two-part episode,“Karen’s Catfish: Will She Believe the Truth,” airing Wednesday.

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