Jorell claims that a few months ago, his father, Peter, “kidnapped” him and had him brought to Peter’s 34-acre property in the middle of the desert. Jorell claims that Peter wouldn’t let him speak to his wife or children -- or let him leave. Jorell claims Peter accused him of being in a “cannabis-induced psychosis,” and used this as a reason to have him involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward.

Conflict So Big It Needs A Dr. Phil Solution?

Peter says he heard Jorell was acting erratically, and he had him come to his compound as a way to protect him. He denies kidnapping Jorell.

Jorell’s wife, Tricia, claims Peter told her he embellished hospital paperwork so that Jorell would be admitted.

“He admitted to me that he exaggerated to get him involuntarily committed into the psych ward. And, he said that with everything he put down in the papers, they would have to take him in because of what was in there,” Tricia claims. “He lied and said Jorell strangled him, cut his wrists.”

WATCH: Video Man Claims Is Evidence Son Had 'Cannabis-Induced Psychosis'

After Peter admits that some of what he wrote may have been “extreme,” Dr. Phil offers him advice.

“I think you’re very condescending and a know-it-all. I think you wouldn’t know cannabis-induced psychosis if it rolled up here and crawled up in your lap,” Dr. Phil says. “I think you throw that term around in a very reckless way, and I think that’s very dangerous. So, I think that’s very misguided. And as a result, I think you have encroached in your son’s space and gotten in his life in a way that you shouldn’t.”

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