Rachel and her daughter, Gracie, are in a constant battle. Mother and daughter admit they fight every day and have called each other names, and that Rachel has even hit Gracie. Rachel says the 15-year-old is failing out of school and in trouble with the law, and she has lost complete control.

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Rachel says she’s frustrated she can’t communicate with her daughter because it makes it difficult to help her.

“I’m the only person that’s tried for you; you have alienated every single other person in our family,” Rachel tells her daughter. “No one believes you were raped; they think you said that to get the limelight off you, except for me. I’m the only person on your side, and you continue to lie to me and alienate me.”

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Dr. Phil offers the teen advice.

“I, 100%, believe that you have been raped,” he tells Gracie. “I think you’ve got some open wounds inside about this, and I think when you say, ‘I don’t care’ and have this dismissive attitude, I think that’s part of the 'get them before they get me.' I think you deserve to not be judged but to be helped with all of that.”

Watch more of his advice in the video above, including an offer of help. Will Gracie accept?

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