Melissa claims when she first met her husband, Nick, he had a stable income with a good job in construction. Now she says he refuses to work and has stolen her credit cards to finance his dream of becoming a famous “murder rapper.”

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“I thought it was a midlife crisis. Now King Krimzon is taking over my life, she says, referring the stage-name Nick uses when he performs.

She claims he spends his days dressing up like a demonic clown, making scary videos and posting violent songs online, saying “He talks about corpses, dead people and a rotting head in the freezer.”

Melissa says she and Nick fight nonstop and asserts she didn’t even get a say in what to name their child, who she claims Nick decided to call Krimzon after his rap persona. Melissa says she’s tired of fighting and wants Nick to get help or she’ll file for divorce.

How does Nick say he responded when Melissa told him to choose between his murder-rapping clown and her? Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.

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‘Our Bills Are Paid, So Why Do I Have To Work?’ Says Man Who Wants To Become A ‘Murder Rapper’