Man Denies Allegations He Lied About Being KidnappedMariah claims her mother is “a liar and a manipulator,” who “twists every story.”

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Dr. Phil asks, “Is she lying about you being a drug addict?”

“No,” responds Mariah.

“Is she lying about you being in a domestically violent relationship with Leighton?” he inquires.

“I’d say that’s true - but it goes both ways,” says the 24-year-old.

Julianne says Mariah has been on and off probation since she was 12 for infractions including driving while intoxicated and drug possession. She claims her daughter started using marijuana around the age of 14 but denies Leighton’s assertion that she was the one who gave it to her.

“I didn’t give it to her, but I condoned it. I didn’t tell her it was evil. I thought it was better than drinking,” says Julianne.

“For you to allow a child – a child whose brain is pruning itself at the time – to start doing marijuana, is an absolute higher form of insanity,” Dr. Phil tells Julianne on Friday’s episode.

When he asks her what she was thinking, does Julianne admit she made a mistake?

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Man Denies Allegations He Lied About Being Kidnapped