In 2020, Lois’s family told Dr. Phil that she had become “addicted” to online romance scams. Lois said that, though she had been scammed in the past, she was then talking to three different men, “The General,” “Paul Shaw,” and “Fred Adler,” who she met online but had never met in person. She admitted to spending around $100,000 of her retirement savings on various requests from the three men.

After an unprecedented three-part Dr. Phil investigation in which Dr. Phil showed her proof that all three men she had been talking to were catfish, Lois acknowledged that she was being scammed.

“Even though I told Dr. Phil I was being scammed, I really don’t feel like that was the case,” says Lois.

Watch the video above to find out why Lois now insists she wasn’t catfished and why she says she believes at least two of the men she was involved with were real. Then, tune in to part one of a two-part episode, ‘“I Disregarded Dr. Phil’s Advice!’,” to find out why Lois says she needs Dr. Phil’s help to bring her fiancé, “Fred Adler,” home to the U.S.

Then, on Friday’s conclusion, “Lois Meets “Fred” Face-to-Face: Will She Finally Believe?” hear from Jane, another recent guest who also says she disregarded Dr. Phil’s advice about her online relationship and regrets ignoring the proof that she was being scammed.

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