Alicia’s stepmother, Dianne, and older sister, Kayla, claim she lies, has stolen from family members, and once faked having cancer. Alicia vehemently denies their claims. She’s accusing Kayla of spreading rumors about her and claims that Dianne has favored Kayla over her since they were children.

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Alicia says she wants nothing to do with either her sister or her stepmother and insists the only person in their family she wants a relationship with is her father, Ronald.

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Ronald insists he tries to be impartial when it comes to the disagreements between Alicia and Kayla, but says he feels he may have failed Alicia as a parent.

“I try to make it as peaceful as I can without really dealing with the problem. But at the same time, she’s not getting any better,” he says.

Why does Ronald say he regrets telling Alicia to leave home when she was 17?

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