Tasha claims her 17-year-old daughter, Sierra, is a habitual liar who likes to create drama. She claims recently, Sierra falsely accused Tasha’s husband of being sexually inappropriate with her.

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“I did ask my husband if it was true, and he just laughed,” claims Tasha. “She went so far as to say, ‘You’re going to believe him over me?’ And I said ‘Absolutely. You are the one who has the history of lying.’”

“I’m a liar, I used to lie, I occasionally still do, and people don’t trust me, so it’s really hard to talk about the truth because I know that I’m looked at as if I’m telling a lie,” says Sierra who insists she hasn’t lied about her stepfather.

Tasha, who claims Sierra threatened to try to break up her relationship with her husband, says, “That’s the nature of Sierra – she’s extreme in everything she does.”

Tasha says Sierra is currently banned from her home. Can Dr. Phil help them to repair their relationship?

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