John says he lives in his garage while his daughters Jessie and Angelina, Jessie’s 14-month-old daughter and Angelina’s mother, Laura, live in the house.

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He says Jessie and Laura don’t get along at all, and part of the reason is that Laura has a problem with hoarding. “I hate that my daughter and my granddaughter are banished to their room because of Laura’s issues,” says John.

He claims that although they’ve lived together for over 16 years, he and Laura haven’t been intimate in nearly a decade. “After 16 years, I’m absolutely exhausted, says John. “I can’t do this anymore. I want my house back and I want my kids back. I want her out.”

John says Laura just can’t stop “accumulating stuff.” What does Laura say to Dr. Phil when he asks her whether she has a problem with hoarding?

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