Bailey says that Jasmine, a woman she met online when she “liked” her tweet, is the “most spectacular woman” she’s ever known. She claims they started a relationship and that Jasmine is omnipresent in her life, talking to her in her head and moving objects to signal she’s around.

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However, Jasmine says that’s absolutely not true. “Bailey has me looking over my shoulder all the time,” she says. “Her messages are getting more and more crazy.”

Jasmine says Bailey has sent her hundreds of messages and pictures, some naked, and continues to make new social media profiles when Jasmine blocks her. “At this point, I feel like Dr. Phil is the only one that can help,” she says.

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In the video above from Tuesday’s episode,, Bailey responds to Jasmine’s complaint.

“I would never have put my time and my effort into a woman that I didn’t think genuinely cared about me,” she says. “So if this is the woman that I believe I’ve been talking to, and she’s saying she doesn’t know me, I mean there’s nothing more for me to do.”

Bailey continues, “I want to apologize to her.”

On Tuesday’s episode, Bailey and Jasmine meet for the first time face-to-face. Will it bring closure to the situation? Check here to see where you can watch.

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