“I have 15 cats. I call myself a cat hoarder, but I want to be called a cat collector now,” says Pamela. “My cats are in my bedroom, on my bed, on their cat trees. They sleep on the back of my couch, in the bathtub.”

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Pamela admits that her cat obsession is overtaking her life and says she worries it might cause the end of her fourth marriage.

“Mitch gets annoyed with me when I pay too much attention to the cats,” says Pamela about her husband. “Mitch and I try to go out every weekend if the cats aren’t sick, but I constantly check in on them with the cameras. I’ll stay an hour or two and then want to come home, and Mitch is not really happy with that.”

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“Pam’s life does revolve around being at home with the cats,” Mitch says. “She has an unhealthy attachment to the cats.”

Pamela says her greatest fear is to lose Mitch and her cats, and she wants help. “I don’t want to be obsessed with these cats. In my mind, they’re my babies, and I can’t move past that. That’s my life,” she says.

In the video above, hear some of the statements Pamela has made about her cats, including that she would rather have breast cancer again than lose a cat. And, hear Dr. Phil’s reaction.

Is there a way for Pamela to have a healthy relationship with animals? See what Dr. Phil says may be driving her behavior on Wednesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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A Day In The Life Of A Woman With 15 Cats

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A Day In The Life Of A Woman With 15 Cats