Sadara admits she’s run away from home dozens of times, hangs out with a “bad crowd,” smokes, drinks, steals and has been in trouble with the law. She claims she’s addicted to behaving badly because she doesn’t feel like she has any value in her family.

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“I can do what I want as I want, how I please, ‘cause it is my life; and at the end of the day, I have to face the consequences, and nobody else does,” says the teen who served a nine-month sentence in juvenile detention center and was recently sent back for a probation violation.

On Tuesday’s episode. , Dr. Phil introduces retired Michigan circuit court judge Mary Ann “Scary Mary” Chrzanowski to the conversation. The judge is known for her work with both adult and juvenile offenders.

“What’s ahead for her if she stays on this current route?” asks Dr. Phil.

“You know that juvenile detention center that she hated so much? That was a country club,” says Chrzanowski Noting that Sadara will soon be turning 16, she adds, “If the crime is serious enough, then you’ll go to the state prison system.” “I want to change myself, I just don’t know how ‘cause I’ve gotten so far down this path,” says the teenager. “I know it starts off with not doing that stuff, but it’s also trying to get away from just the life in general and finding out how to care again.”

Does Dr. Phil say he has a plan to help Sadara turn her life around? 

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