Ellie claims that when her mother, Angela Green, vanished in June 2019, her father, Geoff, initially told her that Angela had been hospitalized in a mental health facility. Ellie claims her father later told her that Angela died there of a stroke and that he instructed her not to say anything to Angela’s family.

“My cousin, Michelle, requested a welfare check. The police asked my dad where mom was - and his response was that she had gone out partying with friends,” claims the 20-year-old, adding, “I was like – are you kidding me?”

“I miss my mom so much,” says Ellie in the video above. “I want to know where she is.”

Geoff Green adamantly denies having anything to do with his wife’s disappearance. He is not a person of interest or a suspect. Ellie says she is determined to find out what happened to her mother. Can Dr. Phil help?

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If you have any information on Angela Green’s disappearance, please call the Prairie Village, Kansas Police Department at (913)-642-6868 or Crimestoppers TIPS hotline at 816-4747-8477

WATCH: Daughter Searches for Missing Mom

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Missing Angela Green
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