Arielle says she has struggled with heroin dependency for more than a decade. While she claims she hasn’t put a needle in her arm in over a year – she admits to snorting the drug just four to five weeks before meeting Dr. Phil. The 32-year-old insists it wasn’t a “relapse.”

“I want to move forward and not keep focusing on the past,” says Arielle. She admits to drinking alcohol and smoking with her mother, Donna.

Donna says she smokes a blend of CBD and THC to manage anxiety. She admits to smoking with Arielle but insists it doesn’t happen every day. Donna says she’s supporting Arielle’s sobriety.

“I do not trust Arielle to stay clean,” says Ivy, Arielle's father, who claims he neither smokes nor drinks. He says he feels like an outsider in the relationship between his wife and daughter.

Arielle’s younger brother, Michael, and sister, Elle, say that their mother’s focus on Arielle has left them feeling neglected. Donna claims that she didn’t realize the time she spent on Arielle’s situation negatively impacted her other children.

Dr. Phil asks each of his guests to complete a two-page writing assignment. Watch the recap of part one of this three-part episode, “Running on Empty: A Broken Family, Part 1” above, then tune in on Tuesday for “Running on Empty: A Broken Family, Part 2” to find out which family member opted out of Dr. Phil’s assignment and why. And later, Ariel reveals a family secret regarding her paternity.

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