Lauren spent six years confined in a dark closet, fed only scraps, and taken out only to be abused and tortured by her mother and stepfather. Lauren’s sister, Blake, who is only three years older, says not being in school at the time, she had no one to turn to, and was too frightened to help.

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“I was scared, I was scared that, you know, that they might do it to me or that it might make things worse. I, I wanted to tell people, but I just didn’t have the resources, and I was scared.”

Blake says she doesn’t know exactly why Lauren was singled out from the other children for the abuse she received.

“There’s no logical answer, but the only thing that I can think of is that, you know, Barbie immediately after Lauren was born, she gave her up, and when Barbie got Lauren back that they weren’t able to connect, they, they didn’t have that mother/daughter bond, and already with the problems that Barbie had, it just had, it just made it worse.”

Lauren says she feels every day, like she let Lauren down.

“I always tell myself that there’s something I could have done, I always feel responsible because I worked so hard to take care of the other kids, but there was nothing I could do for her.”

Lauren says she doesn’t’ blame Blake, “She was a child too, there’s nothing she could have done, I’ve told her that several times.”

Will these sisters be able to create a new bond? Tune in to Dr. Phil on Thursday.

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