“My ex-husband, Bobby, hates my guts,” says Andrea, who claims her former spouse calls her names, sends her insulting texts, and has even threatened to get her fired from her job. “Bobby has blamed me for everything that has gone wrong in his life,” she says.

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Bobby claims Andrea cheated on him all throughout their marriage. Andrea admits she cheated on Bobby, but only once. She says, “What I did was stupid and I was at a low point in my life.”

Andrea says Bobby has also accused her of stealing money from him. “I admit I took money from our account, but it was our money,” says Andrea. She claims when he found out, “Bobby became a raging lunatic. Bobby showed up at my mom’s house, slashed my tires and put dents in the van I was driving.”

Andrea says Bobby spends hours investigating her life and tries to sabotage her relationship with their 6-year-old son “by talking about me when I’m not there.”

Bobby denies that he’s obsessed with his ex-wife’s personal life, though he admits to doing background checks on some of the men she dates, saying, “if she’s going to bring my son around a bunch of men, I’d like to know if they’re a sex offender.”

Andrea says she wants her ex-husband to get help “because he’s not acting like a good father.”

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