Some women say that when they hit a certain number on the calendar, they feel unseen, washed up, and unwanted.

“What I got was sort of a very slow understanding that I was becoming invisible,” says 57-year-old supermodel Paulina Porizkova. She says she began noticing a change in the way other people treated her around age 45.

Famously candid for shutting down others on social media who say her face needs “fixing” or that she should not be posing in a bikini at her age, Paulina also discusses the issue in her new book, “No Filter: The Good, The Bad, And The Beautiful.”

In addition to aging, Paulina’s book addresses other topics that many women in middle age or older face, such as divorce and learning how to be alone. Watch the video above to hear what – and who – inspired her to write it.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Aging Out Loud!” airs Thursday. And later, Dr. Phil talks to a mother-daughter team who are celebrating women with a documentary series and website focused on self-acceptance.

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