Heather claims her mother, Shelly, has been drinking and driving for as long as she can remember. “One time she brought my children to the store with her, and I found out that she had backed into another car and left the scene. I was furious because she was drinking with my children in the car.”

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She says that when she confronted Shelly about the incident, “she just played it off like it was no big deal.”

“When I was 13 years old, my mom and I dropped my sister, Holli, off at her friend’s house,” says Shelly’s other daughter, Hillary. “When we were playing out at the driveway, my mom backed into the neighbor’s mailbox. As we started driving down the road, she kept hitting the curb and continued to do it.”

The sisters say their mother has missed important family events, including Holli’s wedding, her husband, John’s, 50th birthday celebration and the birth of her grandchild. They also say Shelly has been arrested nine times for behavior related to her drinking.

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“I feel relieved when the police come for her because my mom deserves to be in jail for all that she has done to our family,” says Heather. But Shelly claims she’s been arrested when she shouldn’t have been.

Why does Shelly claim her husband and daughters are trying to make her look bad?

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