In 2018, entrepreneur and social media manager Michael Weist organized TanaCon, a social media influencer convention to connect online content creators with fans. He claims the first few hours of the event “went off flawlessly,” but then, he says, he was forced to shut down the convention after more than 15,000 unregistered guests reportedly showed up, creating a security issue for the venue.

“I felt like my career was over,” says Michael. “The internet exploded. I was getting death threats; I was painted as an evil villain. I was forced to file chapter 7 bankruptcy.”

Michael says that he has apologized repeatedly for the mistakes he made with TanaCon but claims that nearly three years after the convention, his reputation is in tatters, and he’s still being harassed. Are the events of TanaCon the only thing people say they’re upset with Michael about?

Watch the recap from part one of this two-part episode, “Social Media Outcast: The Organizer of TanaCon Speaks Out” above, to hear what Michael’s detractors are claiming and who says they’re firmly in his corner.

Then, on Tuesday’s conclusion, “More Allegations Against TanaCon Organizer Michael: How Will He Respond?”, how does Michael respond when a pair of ex-employees and his former roommate accuse him of mistreatment?

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