Jem claims her ex-boyfriend, Joshua, told her he believed he was a king in a past life, channeled “ascended masters,” and at one point believed he was Jesus Christ. Jem claims he used this belief to justify manipulating her, starving her, forcing her to take scalding baths , and choking her when she told him she wanted to leave him.

“I am really sorry for what you went through – I really am,” says Joshua on Thursday’s Dr. Phil. It’s the first time the former couple has come face-to-face in nearly two years.

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“You’re sorry for what she went through? It isn’t what she went through – it’s what you put her through,” says Dr. Phil.

“Yes - Inadvertently. I was ignorant. I didn’t know what I was doing,” claims Joshua. He says he didn’t starve Jem – they were fasting. He also asserts the baths she claimed were scalding hot – were “more like Bikram Yoga. It wasn’t anything that was going to create blisters or anything like that.”

When asked whether he choked Jem, he says, “For one moment – there might be one moment that I can remember when my hands were around her neck. But in terms of choking – which generally leads to gagging? I never heard her gag – she was able to speak.”

When Dr. Phil asks Joshua whether he has claimed to be Jesus Christ he doesn’t answer directly. “That’s not for me to talk about. That’s for my Heavenly Father to reveal – that’s not for me to talk about. He puts an anointing on my life.”

Why does Joshua say the issues in his relationship with Jem were her fault? Check here to see where you can watch Thursday’s episode.

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