“My husband, Steve and I, had it all,” says Carrie. “We had two beautiful children, who went to the best private schools. We lived in a nice 3,000 square foot home with four bedrooms in an exclusive community just outside New York City.” Carrie says they drove high-end cars, went on lavish vacations and she would spend her days shopping for designer clothes.

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But four years ago, Carrie says her extravagant lifestyle came to a halt when Steve, a successful lawyer who made more than a half-million dollars a year, quit his job to start a legal cannabis business – and she says “everything went away.”

“In my past, I’ve had some issues with drinking. I’ve been in and out of rehab for alcohol use. I was so upset, I was just drinking our problems away,” Carrie admits. “I feel like my life has completely fallen apart.”

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Steve, who says Carrie “checked out of her desire to be a mother,” has custody of the children.

Separated from her husband and estranged from her children, Carrie moved in with her parents. “I don’t even recognize myself. I put on at least 150 pounds,” she shares. “I was rich and gorgeous, now I’m just broke and fat. I’m a complete riches to rags story, and I don’t know what to do.”

On Tuesay’s episode of Dr. Phil, Carrie makes a confession to her family. What does she reveal and how will they react? Check here to see where you can watch.

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