When Haley first appeared on Dr. Phil, she said she was convinced she was pregnant with baby Jesus and believed she was 9 days away from giving birth. However, her mother, Kristi, and sister, Adrianna, said Haley was a “compulsive liar” and there was no way she was pregnant. After hearing the results of an ultrasound which concluded she was not pregnant, Haley still wasn’t convinced.

“I am pregnant. I’m not going to deny my baby,” she told Dr. Phil. “I feel him kick all the time.”

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It wasn’t until two weeks after her appearance that Haley says she accepted that she wasn’t pregnant.

“I woke up one night and I ran into the bathroom because I thought I was having contractions, and I looked at my stomach, and it went completely flat, and I didn’t know what to think,” Haley says. “It made me realize I wasn’t actually pregnant and what everyone had been telling me is true.” She continues, “I didn’t give birth, but I felt like I had a miscarriage.”

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Haley, who was in treatment at Creative Care Calabasas, a highly respected mental health treatment facility, says after her realization, she started complying with their protocol and taking medication.

“My doctor really helped me with my medication when I didn’t want to take it,” Haley says. “The medication that I’ve been taking has really helped out. They’ve been, like, really supportive.”

After two months in treatment, Haley returned home. Kristi says that while the medication seemed to be helping her daughter, recently her behavior started to change.

“Her irrational thinking is getting more prominent again. She is returning to her old ways,” Kristi says. “I feel like it is a ticking time bomb.”

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Haley says she continues to feel like she lost a child. “I have to keep telling myself that Baby Jesus is alive and not dead. It still talks to me and makes me feel depressed,” she says. “I felt like I lost something and I thought he was my miracle baby.”

In an effort to help Haley with her mental illness and to help her have some semblance of joy and freedom from the delusions and the pressure that comes with them, Dr. Phil steps in to help again. On Friday’s episode, hear why Haley is still convinced that rapper Eminem is her father and why she says she doesn’t want her sister in her life. And on Monday, see what happens backstage when Haley’s family shows her some tough love. Check here to see where you can watch.

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