Laurie Depies disappeared from the parking lot of her boyfriend, Marc’s, apartment building late in the evening of August 19, 1992. She was 20 years old. Marc says he was with a friend and his sister, Lisa, at the time, and that they all heard Laurie’s car pull in.

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It was kind of a joke because her muffler was so loud, you kind of couldn’t not hear it,” says Lisa, confirming she was there.

Marc says when Laurie didn’t come inside right away, he went to look for her. And when he couldn’t locate her, he called the police.

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“We, with the police as well, started just canvassing the neighborhood and walking several blocks in every direction looking for her,” he says, but Laurie was gone.

Marc claims despite having witnesses, he became a suspect and was under the surveillance of the FBI. He also claims the local community turned against him.

“I would have people pointing their fingers at me,” he says, adding, “I would be in a restaurant, and I would literally hear people behind me going, ‘Hey, that’s the guy that killed his girlfriend.’”

Does Marc say he has a theory about what may have happened to Laurie on the night she disappeared?

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If you have any information on the disappearance of Laurie Depies, please call the Wisconsin Department of Justice: 608-266-1671.

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