Crystal claims her ex-boyfriend, Anthony, is a “lying sexual predator monster,” who sexually abused their 3-year-old daughter, Marie, on at least two separate occasions in 2016. “I want to expose him for everything that he is,” she says, claiming she has medical proof that the alleged incidents occurred.

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“I would never molest my daughter, ever,” says Anthony. He claims that “Crystal is a total liar,” and that her accusations are completely unfounded.

Anthony claims Crystal is “crazy, a leach, vindictive, and just a horrible mother.” He also claims she “lost it” when he traded in his old car instead of giving it to her.

“If you look at the police reports, it says, I did this because he didn’t buy me a car,” says Crystal. “Dr. Phil could buy me a car tomorrow, and I’d still say the same thing. It’s not going to fix my daughter.”

Anthony claims that Crystal is coaching Marie to say he sexually assaulted her.

Does Crystal provide the medical evidence that she claims proves Anthony assaulted their daughter? Tune in Tuesday for part one of this two-part Dr. Phil.

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This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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Man Claims His Ex ‘Brainwashed’ Her Mother Into Believing He Sexually Assaulted Their Child