Kalli is a 19-year-old college sophomore who got good grades and even had a basketball scholarship. But recently she admitted to giving up basketball. Now she says she “smokes weed” nearly every day, and goes out on dates with older men for money.

In the video above, Kalli reads a text message aloud to her mom, Michelle, and sister, Taylor. She says it’s from a potential date who contacted her through the phone app where she lists herself as a 21-year-old sugar baby.

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In part, the message reads: “I’m looking for something ongoing with just one person maybe once a week or so. I would treat you like a princess … I want an arrangement that is very fun - very hot. I’m an unselfish lover, and I’ll tell you upfront, thigh highs, garter belts and heels make my knees weak.”

Kalli adamantly denies prostituting herself - but does admit to having sex with one married man who she says she met through the app. She claims she had an “arrangement” with the man and says she is currently involved in two similar “arrangements” that she characterizes as “steady.”

Kalli’s mom, Michelle, says she, along with her other daughter, Taylor, recently received a text message from Kalli while she was out with one of her sugar daddy dates. Michelle says Kalli claimed she was alone in an empty warehouse, “smoking weed” with the man, whom she said she had only just met. Michelle says the text made her panic. “Especially because that first text that she sent she stopped mid-word, (like) she didn’t finish what she was going to say. And then she didn’t respond (like) after that.”

Kalli claims she received $300 during the encounter, and admits she had sex with the man.
Can Dr. Phil help Kalli’s family convince her that being a sugar baby is dangerous? Tune in to Thursday’s episode.

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'I'm Using What I Have To My Advantage,' Says College Coed Who Admits She’s A Sugar Baby