At 5’10” 18-year-old Maddie says that when she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t like what she sees. Her goal weight, she says, is 100 lbs. “I’d rather get sick or die, than gain weight,” she adds.

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Maddie’s mother, Melissa, step-father, Greg, and grandmother, Linda, all say she has an eating disorder. The family says Maddie can’t climb a flight of steps without getting out of breath, passes out in the shower, sleeps all day, and is in and out of the hospital every other month for dehydration.

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Melissa says her daughter “Doesn’t seem to care whether she lives or dies,” but Maddie says she doesn’t think she has a problem.

“It’s not that I have an eating disorder,” says Maddie. “I just have these mental goals of what I want to look like, and I will do anything in my power to look how I want to look.”

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Watch Wednesday’s Dr. Phil to hear why Melissa says she blames herself, in part, for Maddie’s eating disorder. Plus, can Dr. Phil convince Maddie to accept help?

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